New Year, new Blog

by Uwe Scheid
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One of my annual resolutions for 2022 was to produce more content. I have set myself several objectives in this regard:

  • I want to share my knowledge. In the last few years, I have dealt very intensively with the most diverse types of data in the context of marketing and MarTech and would like to share my experiences here.
  • This blog runs Google Analytics and various social networks are connected. I would like to use the data gained here to expand my understanding of the different technical platforms. I will publish the insights gained here.
  • I like to write. I want to use this platform to improve my skills in this area.
  • I want to develop a deeper technical understanding of Wordpress. From a simple blog system, Wordpress has now developed into a huge technical platform with an immense number of plugins. I see this development rather ambivalently. While it was relatively easy to set up a blog a few years ago, it has now become a relatively complex technical undertaking. This certainly will provide material for several articles here.
  • This blog was set up in two languages with the help of the Wordpress plugin WPML. In the first step, I will limit myself to my mother tongue, German, and to English. I want to find out how well the different social networks can be used as traffic drivers in the two languages. But of course I also want to find out how fast content spreads German vs. English and how differently SEO works in the two languages.

These are just some goals and ideas I have, related to this platform. I’m just going to start now without having built up much of a structure in advance. Therefore, I apologise if a lot of this will still be work in progress at the beginning. I hope that I will manage to publish at least one article per week.

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